Since arriving in Azerbaijan, I’ve decided that there’s a lot of potential in Baku-specific calendars.  Cats of Baku, Lada-Fruit Vendors of Baku, Apocalyptic Trash Heaps of Baku (see banner), OSHA-Violation Nightmares of Baku, GOTV-So OSCE Will Leave Us Alone Posters of Baku, and Baku Beauty Salons for Men all seem like possibilities with real appeal, albeit to disparate and pretty narrow demographics.  

Better yet, perhaps I’ll assemble photographic illustrations from a variety of countries and put together a series that digitally embody various themes that qualify as Challenges of Our Times, such as: Global Rich-Poor Gaps; Rape of the Earth; 21st Century Autocracy: Architectural-Human Consequences (City Planning Edition); Corruption & Construction (Injury and Collapse); Shamocracy Stylebook: Autocrats and Dictators’ Portrait and PR Preferences.   

Should adequate bandwidth to upload photos be somehow obtainable, I’ll illustrate.


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